Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kate & Pete Get Hitched In Thailand

Reports are just coming in that Kate Moss and Pete Doherty finally tied the knot in Phuket (Thailand) yesterday. The newlyweds are staying at the Amanpuri Hotel were fellow guests include Sarah Duchess of York and Princesses Eugine and Beatrice.

Kate wore a white Galliano shift dress and Pete wore a black linen suit and pork pie hat.

Oh Kate what were you thinking? Penniless Pete will now have access to Kate’s reported £25m fortune and that’s gonna buy a whole lotta drugs!

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Anonymous said...

Well, she can't say she wasn't warned... may those addled old dogs live happily ever after!

CawfeeGuy said...

is it my imagination or does he look like a big 4 year old or one of the Small Bus Special crowd?