Tuesday, January 09, 2007

They Tried To Make Amy Winehouse Go Back On Stage - She Said No No No

Amy Winehouse, performed at G-A-Y on Saturday, but was a little worse for wear! After drunkenly, warbling her way through one ditty she staggered off stage to throw up!

Maybe someone put a mirror off stage and she caught site of her horrific brush with the eyeliner pencil! Fans were left to wondering if someone shouldn’t be trying a bit harder to make her go to Rehab! See Amy and her eyeliner in action below:

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Janice said...

She needs a good wash she looks like a pikey!

Anonymous said...

Seconded. She's a pretty girl, but needs to lose the Russell Brand hair, Leigh Bowery eyeliner and get a good stylist. No, no, no indeed.

Is she trying to get onto 'Celebrity Pickled Livers' like LiLo?