Friday, March 10, 2006

Frock Horror - Oscar Crimes of Fashion

Every year despite the glare of the worlds press and the retained services of a dozen stylists the hideous dress sense of some of the worlds biggest celebrities shines through at The Acadamy Awards here are my choices for this years best Oscar fashion faux pas!

Meryl Streep throws her hands up in horror at Lily Tomlin's horrendous housecoat of an outfit.

Naomi Watts flesh coloured doily of a dress should be shredded ..... Oh! it already has been.

Where do we start? with Tim Burton and (couture) Corpse Bride Helena Bonham Carter. Here is one outfit that should be buried.

Looking like an ageing torreador in tassles, pom poms, drag queen shoes and an embroidered ethnic bag, Lauren Hutton shame on you!

Paris Hilton may have felt like a peacock in this over the top Mathew williamson feathered number but turkey is nearer the mark.

Most spectacular disaster of the night goes to the normally elegant Charlize Theron who for some reason allowed her hairdresser to tease her hair into some kind of towering nest and then let her stylist put her in this Dior disaster. Luckily if the lengthy ceremony became too tiresome Dior helpfully attached a large pillow to Charlize shoulder so she could doze off.

Special honours should got to Dolly parton for managing not one but two hideous outfits for the telecast. Dolly arrived in a pink horror that made her look like a geriatric Barbie Doll only to change into a white (trash) trouser suit, for her performance of Travellin Thru her Oscar nominated song but as Dolly once said "it takes a lot of money to look this cheap" at least she's honest.


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