Friday, March 10, 2006

Madonna - Sorry

Is time finally catching up with her Madgesty? After a fantastic start to 2006 as Madonna burst back on to the scene with her smash hit Hung Up. We marveled at her toned thighs, her bravery in brandishing her gusset in fish nets and tiny leotards and watched her dance her ass of like a woman half her age. Words like ageless and incredible were bandied about and then disaster struck pictures appeared in which (gasp!) Madonna looked like a woman of 47.

To compound her woes she suffered a hernia, hardly an illness associated with the young and glamorous and then pictures appeared that showed the cover of her new single Sorry, before retouching…….not quite so pretty!

As if that wasn’t enough Out magazine have now published surely the most hideous magazine cover of Madonna’s career in which she looks like an airbrushed E.T. Could this spell the end of our Madge…..of course not! If there’s one thing that is as inevitable as death and taxes it’s that Madonna will keep bouncing back.

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ronald said...

que guapa es Maddonna,empiezo a pensar que no es de este mundo.

Anonymous said...

She's past it its time she retired!