Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Liza with a Z hits Sixty with an S!

We can barely move for Liza coverage at the moment as if the long awaited re-release of Liza with a Z wasn’t enough, there are rumors that cancelled show Arrested Development on which she palyed a re-curring role maybe picked up by another network
giving her more TV work.
Liza has also just finished a mini tour of Germany and her face currently adorns countless posters all over Budapest, heralding her long awaited concert debut there, on 10th April. Let’s hope this concert goes ahead, after the 2004 debacle, when dodgy promoters billed her in concert only to actually produce Bonnie Tyler on the night! (click here to read more) Not sure why Liza has chosen the somewhat random place of Budapest to perform? But it may have something to do with the quality of some of her recent performances and the fact, that news of a disastrous performance is far less likely to make it back to the good old US! (see the example below I taped from The Royal Variety Show)

Hush my mouth I’m sure it’s just a case of Liza, having always wanted to reach out to her many, many fans in Hungary.

As if all that wasn’t enough? Our favorite gay icon and juggernaut (so much bigger than a car!) crash. Liza (with a Z!) has turned 60! Who would have thought, given her history, addictions and studio 54 she would ever make it past the 70’s but she has… well most of her! She lost a couple of hips and a lot of her sanity along the way but she’s still standing (thanks to those new hip joints). Life hasn’t always been a cabaret for our legendary old chum, she battled booze, pills, bitter sister and gay husbands but behind the tabloid headlines is a trouper with a huge reserve of talent who was once, one of the brightest stars in the firmament and if her life has been a bit of a disaster area lately its no surprise, given that she is descended from hollywood/gay icon/car crash royalty and whilst things have been bleak for Liza she has still managed to outlive Momma by 13 years and tabloid editors, gossip junkies and fans alike are all eternally greatful. Long Live Liza with a Z and happy 60th birthday!

Click here to See the brilliant Crazy with a Z, Larry King clip Montage courtesy of FourFour....Liza at her crazy best!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting blog.
Don't most celebs start out human and then end up like cyborgs, surgically enhanced or young-ified? Take Madonna, for example. Yes, she won't give up her valiant fight against aging, but she is human and probably looks like any other 47 year old woman in the wee hours of the morning.

Myles said...

I quite agree and if you look further down my blog to the posting about Madonna you'll see I agree entirely with you. Nobody blames these celebs for ageing its the desperate clutching at youth that becomes funny/tragic/interesting

Myles said...

Liza Cracks me up! bit like her voice!

Valastairekelly said...

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