Friday, March 31, 2006

Talent-Less Tantrum

So, Naomi Campbell has been arrested following another “episode” in New York. Apparently this time Miss campbell hurled her crystal encusted (how camp) Blackberry at an unsuspecting maid, gashing her head. This was also done in the presence of a camera crew (derrrrr, smart move Naomi!) When will Miss Campbell realize that whilst it is acceptable for the talented to be temperamental it is not acceptable for a talent-less clothes horse?

I find it interesting that those normally accused of Diva like behaviour are invariably at the top of their field, think Maria Callas, Martha Stewart, Diana Ross, Faye Dunaway, Bette Davis etc etc. The line between genius and madness is often blurred and I wonder, is the cause of this behaviour simply that they can get away with it? Or is it a relentless pursuit of perfection that is misinterpreted as being difficult? In reality it’s probably a bit of both.

Take Miss Streisand as an example, she has a reputation as a total bitch on set and in the recording studio. I can excuse her “temperament” when you consider her relentless pursuit of perfectionism, has given her a career at the top of her profession for over 40 years, on the other hand her insistence that every toilet she uses is sprinkled with rose petals is just Divadom gone mad! Why do people put up with it….well she is Barbra Streisand and like all truly talented individuals we forgive her, in fact we almost expect it.

So Naomi stop being such a prima Donna and leave the diva antics, temperament and tantrums to the truly talented who have earned the right.

Naomi being led away by new York's finest, in white fur poncho and this years must have accessory....handcuffs

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