Saturday, April 01, 2006

Barbra Streisand Hello Gorgeous

Its Babs season at the moment with a whole slew of stories about the woman with a voice like buttah but bettah.

First came the release of Barbra’s TV specials, all of em! in a handsome box set and the somewaht tardy follow up to Guilty-Guilty Too (and to be honest babs should have been a feeling a bit guilty over inflicting that particular cd on us!)

Then the announcement that La Streisand will schlep across the US on another farewell tour (please God it’s not as long as Cher’s!) Which Babs claims is the only way she can lose the 50lbs she’s put on recently! (Yeah right! So nothing to do with the min $10m dollars she’ll net from the shows, with top tickets at $1500 a pop!) Can’t she just diet like everyone else?

On top of all this comes a statement by Don Feder, founder and president of Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation (who?!) that Barbra is in fact not Jewish enough! (hello! have you seen or heard the woman!) At a recent meeting at the conservative evangelical 'War on Christians' conference. (bet that one was a sell out!) he urged the crowd not to blame "the liberal, self-hating Jews in Hollywood. Remember, the people in this audience are more Jewish than people like Barbra Streisand, because you embrace Jewish values, she doesn't," he said. What is this man on? That’s like saying The Pope isn’t catholic enough! ......Please!

Then comes the un-authorised biography by Christopher Anderson- The way she is. This particular tome throws up a couple of new stories that must have Babs pretty verklempt
including hints that she had an affair with Clinton….. but then hey! Who didn’t? Claims Barbra had a fling with Prince Charles (Lordy! that man has some strange tastes)and that she can also count, Dodi Fayed and Richard Gere amongst her other goy toys. He also trots out the tired old stories to illustrate her much reported Diva like behaviour and legendary penny pinching but hey who cares, this is Babs and all of that stuff just makes her even more fabulous and If Barbra brings her show to London, like everyone else I will be forking over my hard earned cash, to catch a glimpse of a legend.

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Oy vei! Barbra not jewish enough!

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