Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vanity Un-Fair

Yesterday Scarlett Johansson was named Hollywood's most natural beauty by a survey of make-up artists. I certainly agree she is definitely one of Hollywood’s prettiest gals. So how on earth did Mr Tom Ford in his Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair manage to make her look like a retarded trout?! Whilst Miss Knightley and Mr. Ford himself look dazzling poor Scarlett was obviously photographed at her worst possible angle and in a freak optical illusion appears to have lost any semblance of a chin (and grown an overly wide neck!). The photographers then retouched parts of her so much that in parts it is more of a painting than a photograph. This is especially true of her feet which, with over airbrushing, appear to have become webbed stumps. What a terrible injustice to "Hollywood’s most natural beauty"

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Anonymous said...

she looks a bi fat as well in that picture!