Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Drama Queen- This Month's Theatre

Night of the Iguana
Woody Harrelson, Jenny Seagrove & Claire Higgins
So last night it was off to the Lyric Theatre with seats so good (front row centre) we felt like extras rather than audience! To spend a very enjoyable 2 3/4hrs engrossed in the wonderful world of Tennessee Williams.
I have to say that with the exception of dreary TV show, Cheers, I have never seen any of Mr Harrelson’s work and was'nt sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised though he’s no Olivier he can certainly act. There's something about Mr Harrelson, though he’s not classically handsome he exudes a sort of brutal sexuality which makes him very appealing and particularly suited to the the part of Shannon. (I can also report he has exquisite feet!)
Slightly frayed English Rose, Jenny (a woman of substance) Seagrove, was appropriately cast as a somewhat frayed New English spinster and managed to carry off an American accent and a character 10 years her junior with reasonable aplomb.
Claire Higgins as Maxine, though, like me, far too young to have seen the part originally played by Bette Davis, at times seemed to be almost channelling her, in a gutsy brash performance that stole the show. My one irritation with the part, lay with the appalling hair and clothes sported by Miss Higgins, whoever thought it was a good idea to dress the owner of a seedy 1940’s Mexican hotel as a housewife from High Wycombe c1992 should be shot, none of it was right and yet the rest of the cast seemed period perfect. Am I being to harsh? Maybe, but its amazing how obvious these things look from row A!
The rest of the supporting cast were capable and provided the necessary comedic relief, with a great debut by Simon Kassianides as one of Maxine’s surly staff.
The only weak spot being Nichola McAuliff who’s over the top turn belonged to musical theatre rather than straight drama and upset the balance of the play a little. A special mention should be made to Anthony Ward’s stylish and effective design. All in all, a good evening, that I would highly recommend. Tickets are still available (some at discounted prices) until 25th march.

*** Stars
Acorn Antiques
I notice with mixed feelings that the excelent, Acorn Antiques The Musical is now available on DVD. For those of us who managed to see this, limited 4 month, run last year but where forced to part with a groundbreakingly extortionate £65 for a ticket. I somewhat object to any old Riff-Raff being able to see it for a measly £13.99. My advice to the Riff-Raff? Buy it, for3 hours of over the top fun and see what all you poor people missed out on last year! Available at

*** Stars

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