Thursday, April 06, 2006

Some of What I'm Reading this Month

Tab Hunter Confidential:
The Making of a Movie Star
Tab Hunter, Eddie Muller
Hurrah! I love Tab Hunter and whilst Tab has been relatively honest detailing his relationships with others including Anthony Perkins and others you are left thinking that you arent getting quite, all the story but then very few stars of Mr Hunters era have had the courage to even "come out" Let alone tell the whole truth and whilst Tab doesnt kiss and tell on everyone. We do get a pretty good idea of the pressures on a Gay teen pin up in 50's America. I read this book alongside "The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of HenryWilson" a biography of the man who discovered Tab, Rock and most of Americas 1950's Beefcake. The two stories woven together made fascinating reading. A great read from a still enigmatic (and handsome) star.
*** Stars

Gregory Maguire
The book that inspired the musical is a beautifuly crafted story of The Land of Oz before Dorothy dropped in. I expcted to hate this book and was astonished by how much I enjoyed it. Its the story of Elphaba better known as The Wicked Witch of the West who turns out to be a very mis-understood witch indeed. As Elphaba is in fact a sexy, intelligent, crusading animal rights activist. Glynda the good witch of the North turns out to be a snob and a government spy, whilst Oz is revealed as a dictatorship along the lines of Nazi Germany. Fascinating and brilliantly written Maguire's is an Oz for adults, I look forward to the next book in the series.
**** Stars

The Biograph Girl
William J. Mann
I love Manns writing but prior to this novel had only read his non fiction works, including the excellent Wisecracker. I am so pleased to report his fiction is as finely crafted as his non fiction with characters that have real depth and warmth. As with his biographies it is the attention to detail and period that sets him apart . I e mailed Mr Mann on his website to congratulate him and in his reply he told me the book has been optioned, Im not surprised the whole book has a fantastic cinematic feel which had me picturing a posssible movie all the way through. I look forward to the movie and to tackling the rest of Mr Manns fictional works. (P.S. The author is an absolute hottie as well!)
**** Stars

Everyone Worth Knowing
Lauren Weisberger
Everyone worth knowing-Is not worth reading!
They say everyone has a novel inside them....well in Miss Weisberger's case it was definately just the one! This dire follow up to her best seller The Devil Wears Prada is a poor imitation proving that once you take Miss (nuclear) Wintour out of the equation there's not a lot left.
* Star
* Star-Dont put this book down, throw it as hard as you can out of the nearest window.
** Stars-Yawn.... bit of a dud
*** Stars-Not bad, but no masterpiece
**** Stars-A Ripping yarn definately worth killing a few hours with
***** Stars-Couldnt put it down! an instant classic

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