Thursday, April 06, 2006

Whitney's Woes Continue

So, I read that Beyonce and Mary J. Blige have rushed to offer support to downward spiraling addict Whitney (crack is wack) Houston. Mary J is praying for Whitney as we speak, apparently. I wonder how supportive they will be after the next installment of the Enquirer’s expose on Whitney hits the news stands this week.

What more can there be you ask? Well, apparently not content with revealing Whitney to be a crack crazed, toothless lunatic who scares small children, this week comes news that Whitney spends hours with certain appliances (the battery operated kind) in her bathroom and has frequent affairs with women! Whitney has long been dogged by gay rumours and it would appear that if the blabber mouthed, sister in law, from hell is to be believed, those rumours weren’t without foundation. Something tells me Bobby’s sister wont be back to visit anytime soon!

Lordy! Surely there can’t be any more dirt on poor old Whitney? Well apparently yes there can, as next week will see instalment three of the Enquirer’s investigation into the train wreck that is, Being Whitney Houston.

Whitney! For goodness sake get a lawyer, then get some help!!

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