Friday, May 19, 2006

Britney Spears - Mommie Dearest

Rank & Bile's Mother of The Year award goes to Britney Spears!
Someone should really explain to little Miss White Trash that the phrase bouncing baby boy is not to be taken literally!
First we heard the unfortunate tot was dropped on his head then last week safety campaigners were up in arms when Spears junior was photographed slumped in the back seat of Britneys convertable, at least that time he was strapped in, unlike the time she had him on her lap without a seatbelt.
Then in the latest incedent (see below) Britney nearly dropped lil Sean P in the street. However on the plus side Britney did manage to keep a firm grip on her double vodka, if not the baby, and escaped with not a drop spilled. So maybe she's not as clumsy as she looks!

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Marcus said...

Clumsy bitch!

Lindsay said...

Ok, she isn't mommy of the year. But she had all those idiots around her trying to get photos of her messing up. After all, 80% of people in the US don't know how to strap their babies in carseats properly. She should check out baby carrier to carry Preston when she wants to go out. That's what my friends do.
I do love your weblog.

LucyShy said...

ohhh I've seen it so many times, but the shit is still funny.
You rock!
Save Sean

(using two names? classic trailerT. Next child Billy Bob? Billy Rae? Cleatus Joe??)