Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cher Do You Believe? - That She's 60!

Well theres no doubt about it 1946 was a bumper year for legendary icons as this year sees not only Bette Middler and Liza Minnelli celebrate the big six O but now is the turn of the biggest gay icon of them all Cher! Yes the be-wigged one hits 60 today!

So is the diva going to start taking life a bit easier? Apparently not, she has an album in the works and is due to take over at Caeasars Palace in 2008 as soon as Celine Dion bows out of her mega run.

Luckily for us all, she still rocks and she definately has turned back time!

Happy Birthday Cher

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Simon Says said...

Jeeez she's old and if you ask me she looks it too!

Myles said...

But nobody did ask you!

Simon Says said...

I was just passing comment.

Myles said...

Well do it on someone elses blog!