Thursday, May 25, 2006

Her Madgesty Trots Out The Same Old Nonsense

Hmmm has her Madgesty gone too far scream the papers?


The new much hyped and hideously expensive Madonna tour has lurched off across the US.
Firstly reports began filtering in of dissatisfied punters almost roasting to death cos Madge wouldn’t let them put on the air con! Apparently this is to save Madge’s voice? Since when did you need a voice to lip-sync? This sent temperatures over 100 degrees. Refunds were demanded on mass!

Then there’s all the hoopla about the crucifixion part of the show. As per usual the rent a gob Christians are out in droves claiming blasphemy, shock and anger! Madge must be delighted; in fact she probably hired them herself! The only thing shocking is that Madge is still trotting this tired old religious crap out and expecting a reaction. Yawn! Lordy girl give it up, if we aren’t outraged by now it’s never going to happen.

To be honest the thorn of crowns, Madge wears, says more about her ego than her ability to shock!
Like everyone else I’ll pay my bucks and go see the show when it trundles into town but for that price I expect to, not keel over in the heat and see something a bit more original!

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Chris said...

She's still No 1 tho no one touches her

Myles said...

I think Cher might have something to say about that!