Thursday, May 25, 2006

Diane keaton - Old is Good!

So L’Oreal Age-Perfect line of facial creams have signed comeback queen Diane Keaton as the face of their new ad campaign. In praise of older women is the theme of most of the coverage and everyone is heralding the fact that companies are wising up that older doesn’t necessarily mean less attractive.
What a load of tosh!
L’ Oreal like many companies have just realized that the Baby Boomers are getting older and the most powerful buying group is now moving into late middle age. Older is where the money is!
If cosmetic companies truly wanted to celebrate ageing gracefully why did MAC recently make Catherine Deneuve their new “face” only to airbrush her into oblivion!

A L’Oreal spokesperson burbled that "Diane has been a role model and a trendsetter for over three decades, and we feel that she is the perfect example to show that women can be beautiful, full of vitality and incredibly successful in every stage of their lives. She epitomizes what American women want. She's a natural beauty, nothing artificial. And she's comfortable with who she is."

Lets see just how much Diane gets airbrushed when her campaign hits the press, then we’ll see just how much L’ Oreal intend to celebrate her “natural beauty”!

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