Thursday, May 25, 2006

Janet Jackson - Skinny Bitch!

Well we’ve said it before but how the hell did Janet (Wardrobe Malfunction) Jackson go from Jabba the Hut, to Hot, so quick.

Apparently she managed to shed a whopping 60lbs in just 4 months and recent paparazzi pics show her looking absolutely fantastic. Somewhat dis-heartening for those of us who can barely lose a couple of lbs in a year!

If that wasn’t enough to send dieters into a spiral of despair Janet is now flaunting her new svelte self all over the cover of US with a body a woman half her age would kill for.

Did the hippo get lipo?
Who knows?
But I for one, am never touching another carb as long as I live!

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China Blue said...

Wow. I am putting that up on the inside of my wardrobe - my diet/exercise regime just got kicked up several notches...


Cool blog!
CB x