Sunday, May 14, 2006

John Barrowman

The I Definately Would - Hunk of The Month

Ever since we first saw Mr Barrowman in Sunset Boulevard as Joe Gillis and in glossy US Soap Central Park West we have had an enormous crush on hunky John and it shows no sign of abating!

Well there's been no escape from the gorgeous Mr Barrowman the last few Months and we are definitely not complaining!

First he stole the show from Rob Lowe in the west end production of a Few Good Men, then there was his Sound of Musicals, TV show as next is the forthcoming Dr Who Spin Off Torchwood in which he re-prises his role as bi sexual Captain Jack. (The episode of Dr Who were droids Trinny and Susannah strip him naked has to be the TV highlight of last year! see a clip below)

Let’s hope this trend continues cos I for one can’t get enough of the gorgeous Mr Barrowman!

What More could you ask for great Actor, great voice and wow! certainly great looks!

Click On Johns Album cover to buy it at Amazon

Find out more about John at his website

Click below for a montage of John as Sexy Captain Jack in Dr Who. Woof!

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Perez said...

Woof Indeed!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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J J said...

Love the pic in his pants! Have you seen the infamous burger / hotdog picture?