Thursday, June 15, 2006

Car Crash of The Month - Britney Spears

Recently we have been deluged by picture of Little Miss White Trash in tears and no wonder.
Her marriage is falling apart rumours claimed her new security guy/nanny was getting a bit too close to her, she looks a mess and seems in capable of raising her child.

It can’t be long before poor little Sean Preston is in care! So far Britney has managed to drop him on his head, endanger his life twice in cars and then almost drop him again. Lordy! child services are going to have a field day, when they get through with her she won't be allowed to keep a dog.

As for her marriage how bored with the on off saga in the tabloids are we? It seems every day there’s a story that they are about to divorce….Yawn. Lordy Britney just ditch the loser.

Then there’s all the pictures of her blubbing in public and on TV, Jeez! Britney have a bit of pride.

Even more worrying is what a mess Spears looks, who the hell keeps letting her out of the house dressed like trailer trash and in her curlers? Doesn’t she have help with this sort of thing?

So Britney pull it together honey. Iit’s easy!

All you have to do is, get a stylist and lose the curlers.

Then drop the husband and hang on to the baby (not the other way round!)
There easy! problems solved!

Now stop blubbing and pull yourself together.

Britney blubbing on TV

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China Blue said...

Funny post!

Didn't she say that her dad used to drive her around on his lap when she was a little one? And she turned out just fine, didn't she... oh.

Anonymous said...

Poor Old Britney Tears!