Monday, June 19, 2006

Eartha kitt

This Months Queens of Camp Hall of Fame Inductee

Even if Eartha Kitt had retired in the early 70’s she would probably have still earned the title Queen of camp, if only for her sultry renditions of such hits as Santa Baby and Old fashioned Girl, both gold digging anthems long before Madonna’s Material Girl. Then there was her stint growling and purring as Cat Woman in the original Batman TV series and success in concert and on stage. Throughout the 50's and 60's Eartha was the original sex kitten untill an anti vietnam war remark at the White House saw her blacklisted for most of the 70's.

But you cant keep a good sex kitten down and 9 lives Eartha launched the campest pop comeback ever in the 1980’s with her boys town anthems, including "I love Men", "Where is My Man" and later "Cha Cha Heels".
Out of nowhere, acompanied by a pounding dance beat, she growled and purred her way back to the top of the pop charts.

Where is my Man charted in every European country and introduced Eartha to a whole new generation of fans and was quickly followed by further singles, an album and the peak of pop camp, the single, "Cha Cha Heels" a homage to legendary drag performer Divine on which she duetted with Gay pop group Bronski beat.

Eartha’s career not only got a shot in the arm she also kept the momentum going and now at 80 yrs old she is still working the legendary Carlyle Room in New York.In the last few years she has had success on Broadway, in several great shows, in Print with bestselling Books and in cabaret and concerts. It takes a lot of chutzpah to stage a comeback at the age of sixty and garner a whole new generation of fans but it takes even more, to ride that comeback trail for a further twenty years and keep adding new generations of fans along the way.Eartha Kitt is an Original! No one sounds or looks like her and let’s face it in a world of packaged, reality show, stars we need all the Originals we can get. So we salute you Eartha Kitt a true Sex Kitten and Queen of camp!

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chumly said...

I do love the way she purrrs.

joanne said...

Grrrrr Eartha Kitt was the best ever CatWoman x

Kyle said...

I hear she's just been diagnosed with colon cancer lets hope she gets through it all right.

Jan said...

She still looks amazing even for 80 and I hear her show at the carlyle is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Very funny interview! when was that?

Myles said...

Mid 1980's about 1986 I think

Sean said...

Grrrrrrr Wow! she is fantastic!! Thanks for posting this. Do you have any more clips?

Myles said...

I do indeed you can find more of Eartha by checking out my you tube videos at

n69n said...

even tho the cover charge @ the carlysle is $100 per person, Eartha is selling out every night!!!

& this show has been recorded for a cd release in october, so everyone can enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

i am oliver from germany and in love with eartha since 15 years now, i am lucky, that i have seen her at least 10 times in germany and in n.y. and hope to see her in the carnegie hall in june 2007. i have met her short after a concert and she was wonderful, a very warm person. her new cd live at the carlyle is brilliant, she is such an funny and serious artist at the same time and her voice is perrrrrrrrfektly good, run to eartha´s concerts !!! oliver