Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cher Pleads For Better Helmets!

C_Span is the washington Journal’s phone in show in the US. In a somewhat unlikely interview yesterday the one and only Cher went on air to plead for the charity, Operation Helmet…! get your mind out of the gutter! Operation Helmet is a charity that supplies Helmet upgrades for US troops in Iraq.

Apparently the relatively cheap upgrades protect the troops much better. Hmm, it seems somewhat sad that these have to be supplied by a charity and not the Army.
Cher was also at pains to point out that whilst many disapprove of the war it doesn’t mean they can’t support the troops. Here Here!

All very earnest I’m sure and whilst I salute her fabulousness for raising awareness of the issues facing our boys, over there. You have to admit how random is that? Cher and Troop Helmets are not words usually found in the same sentence….Cher and Sequins or Cher and Bob Mackie or Cher and Botox yes, but Cher and Troop Helemts!.

Surely the answer is for Cher to just donate all her old wigs especially the big 80’s ones now that really would be protective headgear! As well as ample cushioning it would scare the beejesus out of the enemy!

I usually prefer my Diva’s with fabulous outfits, tantrums, sequins and surgery, but hey! a conscience is good too!

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Demonic Dave said...

Why dont they just send her over to sing to The Iraqi troops it would all be over in hours!

n69n said...

this wasnt the first time Cher has been on C-SPAN...she called in in 2003 to talk abut the lack of proper armour & supplies.
you can listen to her phone-in here