Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You Were Never Fuglier - Faye Dunaway

Now I’m a huge fan of Faye Dunaway but honey stop with the surgery! What the hell happened to you?

Now I’m sure it must be real hard getting older in Hollywood, especially when you were considered one of its great beauties, but is this really the answer?

Lordy! Those teeth look like they could chew through furniture (or scenery at least) she looks like a startled pony! and why oh why, cant these old girls learn that there’s a name for older women who still have long hair and that name is HAG!

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China Blue said...

Yikes! She's not grinning, but baring her teeth - all four thousand of them.

carla said...

Thats not Faye Dunaway It's my little Pony isnt it?