Friday, June 02, 2006

Elizabeth Taylor Is Not Dead - Who Knew?

Elizabeth Taylor appeared on Larry King this week to refute rumours of her impending death and asked the question
“Do I look like I’m dying?”
Well now you come to mention it Liz…………

You can’t really blame Taylor for being cross the Daily Mail along with many other tabloids, at least once every six months claim she is close to death if not dead!

La Taylor also went on to refute claims she is suffering from Alzheimer’s although reports in The Daily Mail again! (See here) that she insists her gay butler service her sexually, dribbles and often forgets her own name would tend to suggest other wise!

If tabloid gossip wasn’t enough to suggest her senility On Larry King Liz claimed she and Michael Jackson are “very much alike”.
Hmmm, now, that’s not exactly going to make you sound sane now is it Liz?

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J B said...

lol too funny!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Harsh!