Friday, June 02, 2006

Maria Carey - Expensive Legs - Cheap Ho

Mariah Scarey is at it again, in possibly her most egotistical and crass publicity stunt yet, the demented diva has insured her legs for a whopping, one billion dollars! Yes you did read that correctly one billion dollars!

Good grief! Well you certainly can’t accuse Miss Scarey of being overly modest, that’s for sure!

Lets just hope the value of her legs wasn’t worked out in weight or another ballooning like she had a few months ago and we could be talking 3 billion dollars or more.

I think my fellow Blogger at Celebrity Smack summed it up nicely 1 billion dollar legs on a two dollar ho.

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China Blue said...

Why would she do that? She doesn't open her her legs to sing! What an idiot.

Sally said...

no but she opens her legs for everything and anyone else!!!!