Saturday, June 10, 2006

Madonna - Flogging Cheap Crap - Again

Madonna is selling her soul again purveyors of ultra cheap, china made, tat, H&M have just announced she is to be the star of their new ad campaign throughout her confessions tour. The singer claims “Madonna and H&M it’s a perfect fit” Wel that’ll be a first for anything from H&M.
As part of the deal Her Madgesty and her crew will wear H&M off stage throughout the tour! I bet the crew are really thrilled about that! God they better have paid her a small fortune cos I can’t see Madge being happy wearing the tat they sell for the next few months. You can bet your life at the end of the tour she’ll have those rags off her back, faster than you can say Material Girl and in the nearest bin.

It was bad enough when she was flogging GAP but now H&M! at least her Versace ads you kinda believed she might actually use the product. I can’t see Madonna is going to become an H&M convertee and start wearing $5 tops and $20 jeans somehow?

What next we wonder the new face of K Mart?

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Jonny R said...

Madoona is just trying to get down with the kids.

Lets hope at her age she can get up again!

Jonny R

material girl said...

Next will be her soul!