Friday, June 09, 2006

Unwelcome Gest

Sleazeball supreme David Gest the soon to be ex Mr Minnelli, just gave a name dropping marathon of an interview (everyone from Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson to Cherie Blair!) to The London Standard.
Do we detect a book deal in the offing?!
Needless to say Liza didn’t come off to well. After describing his first impression of her as being overweight, sweating and walking with a cane, he goes on to describe her as a violent drunk . All his tired old accusations of Liza causing him brain damage (he’s suing her for $10million for battery!) are raked up along with as much dirt as he could fling in one brief interview.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m sure Liza is no angel but it’s not like the whole world didn’t know she has addiction problems but this nasty piece of work needs to shut up. He met poor Liza at her lowest ebb recovering from a nearly terminal illness, afraid she would never sing again and overweight. Then he slimmed her down and shoved her out on stage and milked her for every cent he could get.
Then he has the nerve to fling accusations at her!
What Mr Gest needs to realize is that Liza, unlike him, is one of the greatest entertainers on earth. Anyone in any doubt of that should rent or buy her newly remastered Liza with a Z concert and watch a star give a truly amazing performance. She is descended from Diva royalty and if she wants to get drunk and hurl lamps then so be it, she is a Diva and we would expect nothing less.
Mr Gest even has the nerve to describe Liza as having a pug’s nose, hmmm take a look in the mirror freak!

Apparently Mr Gest has worked with every Diva from Ethel Merman (random!) and Dionne Warwick to Diana Ross. Luckily for them he didn’t marry them!
Mr Gest also denies he’s gay…..yeah right! And still works with Dionne Warwick , Stevie Wonder and Burt Bacharach. I don’t know what’s more shocking? That he claims to be straight or that Dionne Stevie and Burt have anything to do with this creep?
Luckily the Standard reporter saw straight through Mr Slime and after critisizing his plastic surgery and hair plugs pretty much called him a liar! Bravo! So crawl back under your rock Mr Gest and leave our Liza alone!

Liza with a Z trailer

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Demonic Dave said...

You Cant blame the man Liza's washed up a drunk and a prima donna. Good for him he made a few bucks off her while he could.