Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Coke Fuelled Kate

Party girl Kate Moss has been painting the town red. The seemingly tireless Supermodel was one of the last to leave Elton john’s White Tie and Tiara Ball in the early hours of the morning and was enjoying the champagne so much they couldn’t prise the glass out of her hands, even after she got in her car to go home!

Then the paparazzi actually fell asleep waiting so long for the supermodel to leave another party late the following morning.

How does Kate have so much energy and manage to leave everyone else for dead?

Apparently she claims “when I ‘m that sleepy I move onto coke……….the caffeine does wonder for my energy levels”!

Hmm well the first part certainly rings true!

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China Blue said...

If she expects us to believe shes drinking the brown stuff, as opposed to Dyson-ing up the white stuff, she really must be tripping.

Demonic Dave said...

Kate love her the poster child for coke and class A!

Anonymous said...

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