Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mariah Madness - Miss Scarey Strikes Again

Just when we thought Mariah Carey was starting to get more normal (ho’ish dress sense aside) She goes and gets hit by the loony stick again. Latest Scarey, Carey story is her new whacky diet.
Now it seems The Diva will only eat purple foods 3 days each week!

This apparently, is supposed to ward off wrinkles and stop you ageing!? Her publicist quickly added, in attempt to make Carey, not sound totally in-sane.

Well I can see it would help you lose weight, after all, try putting together a meal with just purple food, the options are pretty limited.

Although judging by Miss Carey’s yo-yo-ing weight she’s obviously including Purple Jolly Ranchers and Smarties in her new food group!

Right well I’m off to buy some plums and aubergines, Hey! if it works it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than Botox!

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China Blue said...

Scarey has lost it. She needs to give Janet Jackson's trainer a call!

jonathan said...

Shes still a fat cow! purple food or not!

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