Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tabloid Hypocrisy At Diana Death Pics

Well the British press have themselves in a tizz about Italian Magazine Chi which has published a picture of Diana at her death scene. William and Harry have been dragged out to make a statement condemning the picture and the tabloids continue to froth at the mouth.

I have to say I think it’s a bit rich The Sun whilst condemning the picture chose to re print it with just Diana’s face obscured if that isn’t titillation I don’t know what is! I also have to say having seen the picture it’s fairly innocuous. I have seen other pictures from the scene which are far more grisly and shocking and whether we like it or not our natural instinct and curiosity is to want to see even if you are appalled at the pictures themselves or our own morbid fascination.

I can understand the family’s anger but not the posturing of the tabloids who have made money out of the memory of Diana ever since her death and no doubt this little news item will sell a whole load more papers as well. Incidentally the picture has been available to view on the find a death website for a very long time and were also shown by TV company CBS in America but nobody created a stir about that?

View the offending picture if you wish at Towlerroad

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Master Peace said...

Always keep to hand the Five Fingers of Fraudulism

sarah said...

The pictures are a disgrace and should never be published . let her rest in peace.

China Blue said...

I can just see the headline - 'Sun Newspaper in Hypocrisy SHOCKA'.

It's a total rag - if they're going to publish the picture, they should have done it uncensored or not at all. It adds nothing to what we know of the accident. To me, it's of no value at all.

jacky said...

The picture isnt even that bad? what's the fuss about?

Anonymous said...

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