Saturday, July 15, 2006

Superman To Bare All?

Brandon Routh the sexy star of the new Superman returns movie has been offered a cool $500,000 to strip for Playgirl. Woof! Let’s hope he accepts! Hell if he doesn’t we’ll all have a whip round and raise some more!
Although I have to say whilst he set the screen on fire in the movie I have yet to see any decent pictures of the guy off screen?

Is it true he was digitally enhanced for the film? Who knows but most of the pictures I’ve seen he’s definitely more Clark Kent than Superman. According to rumours he was definitely digitally reduced though, as apparently Mr Routh is packing a Superman sized package which Warner Bros brass thought might distract people from the plot! Let’s just hope he looks as good in playgirl as he did on screen and that all those digital reduction rumours are true!

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Anna said...

he better look better than that first pic or! or else keep his kit on!

Victor/Victoria said...

great film and He's hot hot hot

mo mo said...

he is so much hotter than Christopher Reed x x x

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