Friday, July 14, 2006

Judy Garland - A Podcast Star Is Born!

She may have passed on to the great concert hall in the sky but Judy garland is alive and well and Podcasting!

It seems Rufus Wainwright isn’t the only one channelling Judy garland at the moment.

Podacster BillyBoy a 24 yr old hottie from the US brings us his fantastic “The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm” The Podcasts are an irreverant take on Judy as she and her guests discuss current hot topics and even get to sing some of the songs she never got to record like Enough Is Enough! This time rather than Donna and Barbra its Judy and Carol Channing! Judy is in fine form considering she’s been dead since 1969! and funny as ever. There are special guests galore including Bernadette Peters, Patti Lu Pone, Katherine Hepburn and Madonna.

Having debuted in mid December, the show already boasts 6,500-plus subscribers because, as “Garland” herself quips on one recent podcast, “it’s more fun than an afternoon in Lana Turner’s sweater.” Catch the podacsts or go to BillyBoy’s blog and download all the episodes there.

Demented genius!

The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm

More Rank & Bile


Ahmed said...

I just listened to a few they are brilliant!

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