Thursday, July 13, 2006

June Allyson - Dependable Star

MGM once boasted more stars than there are in heaven well last week one of its brightest stars finally went out when Miss June Allyson died aged 88.

Despite the somewhat alarming ads for incontinence pads (Depends) her bout of alcoholism and a career that ended in the usual MGM glamour girl graveyard of guest spots on Hart to Hart, The Love Boat and Murder She Wrote.

June Allyson still remained America’s sweetheart and Perfect Wife right till the end.

Nothing changed her image in America’s eyes in much the same way that June herself never changed her hairstyle in 50 years!

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Anna said...

Ah poor old June a very talented lady, I loved those depend commercials her cup literally runneth over!

Roberto said...

love old husky voiced June . So sexy!I even love the hair!

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