Saturday, August 05, 2006

Celebrity Surgery Round-Up

Following last weeks pictures showing Babs Streisand looking pretty wrecked, Several web sites (Perez Hilton and Dlisted you know who you are!) have been showing these pictures of Barbra leaving the Lasky clinic in a loony bee keepers outfit and claiming (erroneously) she’s rushed out, this week and had some work done on her face.

In fact these pictures are from 2003 which begs the question isn’t she due a refund?!

In further surgery news this week the newly Lypo’d Janet Jackson has been showing of her new abs yet again. This time on the cover of Vibe magazine. Now I’m sure Janet is very proud of her newly svelte self but enough already! We don’t have to see her stomach in every picture! As someone who’s just had the same procedure done I have resisted the temptation to lop the bottom of every top I own and display my stomach at every opportunity Miss Jackson put it away! You’re thin! We get the message!

To round off our knifestyles of the rich and famous post, that huge fan of plastic surgery, Marie Osmond, a woman with a surgeon on speed dial, if her stunned trout look is anything to go by. Has according to The National Enquirer attempted suicide which just goes to show that surgery doesn’t necessarily make you happy.

I’ll leave you with a before and after picture of Kenny Rogers courtesy of City Rag. If that’s not a warning about too much surgery? I don’t know what is!

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