Monday, August 07, 2006

Hudson On Moss - A Tale Of Two Kates

In a recent interview Kate Hudson commented on the Daily Mirrors expose of Kate Moss and her drug habits .

Saying, "Nobody can wear clothes like she does. It's like that whole horrible thing, it could have been the stupidest thing the Daily Mirror ever did.

"It was like an ad for cocaine. 'If you do cocaine, you'll look like this.' She's so gorgeous it doesn't matter what she's doing. She looks great!".

Well I have to agree she sure as hell looks good on it and according to recent reports she’s still the highest paid model in the world. So much for predictions that the scandal would ruin her, in fact this year her earnings actually jumped to a staggering £10 million! And she's now graced the cover of Vanity Fair not once but twice this year!

Who says coke is bad for you?!

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Sally said...

Wow! DShe is just gorgeous, get me a dealer and quick!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work »