Friday, August 18, 2006

Madonna - There Goes The Neighborhood

Madonna told 12,000 fans at her Wednesday night concert "I cannot think of a better way to spend my birthday than with you tonight." Ahh bless! Within a couple of hours she obviously had thought of a better way as she arrived for her birthday party in East London!

Good choice Madonna Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Hoxton boast some of London’s best bars and clubs. Not to mention glamorous residents, like yours truly! So what on earth possessed her to have her bash at Lounge Lover off Brick Lane? The place is a palace of kitsch and tackiness. Of all the bars in the area it has to be the worst for affectation, style without substance, and over the top pretentiousness…....Oh. On second thoughts, the perfect venue for Her Madgesty!

She didn’t exactly manage a huge cast of A list either, with Tracy Emmin, (who lives 2 minutes away) Gwyneth (yawn! Is she the dullest woman alive?) Jamie Oliver (maybe he was doing the catering?) and Kevin Spacey most of whom would gladly go to the opening of an envelope. In the meantime the areas worst Bar will now get a huge publicity rush from this and probably hike up prices, although you already need a second mortgage to get a drink there!

Next year Madge save your pennies and just pop round to mine! The d├ęcor is better and the drinks are much cheaper!

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ahmed said...

Is that an H&M top she has on? I thought dshe had to wear them 24/7 as part of her deal?