Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pete Doherty - There Goes The Neighborhood

It’s bad enough when Madge has her birthday party in the most pretentious bar in the area (Lounge Lover) and gave it her seal of approval. Now they can finally justify the drink prices, which would bankrupt, even, Bill Gates.

Now Pete Doherty is at it, in Fridays Evening’s standard magazine Pete claims he and Kate are fans of The Golden Heart in Spitalfields. Great! Now what was a great watering hole will be overrun by teenagers, drug dealers and supermodel fans hoping to catch up with the dodgy duo. He also lists Nudge records in Hanbury St and the market itself at Spitalfields as favourite shopping haunts.

Interestingly, Pete claims to live in Hackney although at his last court appearance he listed his address as Haggeston and only a month ago in another interview claimed to live in Whitechapel. The boy certainly moves around! Well, I suppose it’s one way to keep the drugs squad on their toes!

More positive news is that I spotted the fantastic, local based, artists Gilbert & George out and about with a tripod and camera yesterday. Which must mean they are working on another of their brilliant projects.

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