Saturday, August 26, 2006

Posh Forced To Get A Job!

With her solo career in tatters at the bottom of bargain bins everywhere and hubby David out of a job as England Captain, Posh has been forced to go out and get a job. Despite economising on her hair extension habit and slashing her food bill, so she can buy clothes at Mothercare and avoid VAT, its obviously not enough and I can’t see her and David’s Glade Plug In range….sorry new perfume range, raking in big bucks, unless there’s a market for smelling like toilet duck! So it’s off to work for Posh.

The job in question will be a US, TV show, hosted by Emaciated Spice. Simon Fuller who is the brainchild behind the show says:

"It won't be a TV show for the sake of a TV show. It will be a fashion proposition that will fit her fashion business. It will be more serious than a reality show but will still be entertaining because
Victoria is so funny”

Who Knew? Victoria is funny! And all these years I thought we were laughing at her not with her! Hmm can’t imagine what fashion advice the stick insect is going to dole out but I bet it won’t be short of diet tips!

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Camp david said...

OMG who would want fashion tips from that old dog?