Friday, August 11, 2006

Smoking Ban - What Next? - Alcohol?

The anti smoking, rent a fanatic, brigade got their way this year in getting smoking in public places banned. I don’t have an opinion either way on this. I can see the benefits, even if as a smoker I don’t appreciate having my liberties curtailed but what will this mob do now the battle is won?

There is an entire industry in the anti smoking lobby, who are going to be out of a job and out of the limelight. Well first of all it appears they don’t consider the matter closed, as now there have been a whole spate of articles lately claiming that smoking outdoors is still harmful to children! So what next a ban on smoking everywhere but in your own home? As a Londoner, I can tell you I'd rather have someone’s second hand smoke at the bus stop, than the choking traffic fumes any day!

Failing that it seems the rent a rant brigade are now turning their attention to alcohol. Remember how the anti smoking lobby put out all those statistics on the harmful effects of second hand smoke and then used them to push through not only legislation but a complete change in social attitudes to smoking? Well just lately there has been a whole spate of similar statistics doing the rounds about alcohol. Take this recent bunch of stats put out by a select committee and being widely quoted by the press.

It claims alcohol is far more dangerous to the health of the nation than tobacco! A couple of friends who found it amusing that I will be forced out of pubs and clubs after the smoking ban comes into effect may be less amused when they find the nanny state banning their favourite tipple from the same venues!

For those who think of the ban as a victory, beware this may just be the thin end of the wedge with fatty foods, cars and alcohol to follow. I would also love to see in the chart above, where cars fit into the danger rating both in terms of poisoning our air and putting strain on the health system, treating the effects of not only exhaust fumes but also road traffic accidents. So non smoking lobby enjoy your triumph but beware, it may not seem so sweet when you have to walk to your local smoke, alcohol and snack free pub! Although lets face it most of that lot probably don’t have a life, social or otherwise and will be happy to sit home every night eating tofu and drinking water.

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Anna said...

They should ban thongs as well numerous people are hideously injured in thong accidents every year!

Anonymous said...

Ban blogs I say! Other people's stupid opinions there's nothing worse

Myles said...

Other people's dreary comments there's nothing worse!

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