Friday, September 01, 2006

Aretha Lets It All Hang Out

Lordy! Get me a harpoon! ......On second thoughts make that two!

Aretha Franklin appearing at the radio one 25th anniversary party, defies the laws of gravity by trying to keep those babys up with two little spaghetti straps.

Scaffolding and a fork lift truck would have a hard time keeping those puppys high and dry!

Do you think they ever found the pearls again?

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Angela Darling said...

Are they for real? Jeez she could suffocate you with those!

JJ said...

OMG my eyes hurt!

Anonymous said...

Oh my good God. Pass the eyebleach, please. Has nobody ever told her that spaghetti straps are not for ladies with long titties?

Laura said...

Those straps have gotta be painful. Any second now and her arms are gonna be severed clean off.