Friday, September 01, 2006

John Travolta Out & About?

Those rumours about John Travolta just won’t go away, will they? I wonder why?

Well Pictures like this in The Enquirer don’t help!

A few years back The Enquirer published claims by porn star Paul Barresi – who alleged he had a two-year affair with the actor – Travolta married actress and fellow Church of Scientology follower Kelly Preston very shortly afterward at the age of 37.

Then in a 1991 cover story in Time entitled “Scientology: A Thriving Cult of Greed and Power,” the magazine reported that, according to former Scientology security head Richard Aznaran, Church leader David Miscavige repeatedly joked about Travolta’s alleged “promiscuous homosexual behavior.”

In 1998, Travolta was named in a lawsuit from a gay man who claimed the Church of Scientology promised to “cure” him of his homosexuality and cited Travolta as a success story and only five years ago, a business executive alleged that Travolta made a pass at him in the sauna of a fitness gym California. The executive claimed he rebuffed the actor’s advances because he was chubby and “really hairy on his back, upper arms and chest.” (eww!)

Is there something you want to get off your (chubby, hairy) chest John?

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