Friday, September 01, 2006

Red Carpet - Frock Horrors

Did I miss the news is there a stylist strike in Hollywood?

Several people who should know better appeared in absolutely ghastly outfits at both the VMA’s and The Emmys, producing some truly ghastly red carpet moments.

Here’s our pick of the week's worst.

Ru Paul.....erm sorry Tyra Banks with her badly applied wig and $55,000 dress looks the epitome of 90's drag queen.

Sandrah Oh or should I say sandrah Oh Dear! She looks like a 5 yr old who raided her mothers wardrobe and jewelery box and doesn't she know any hairdressers?! Absolutely hideous.

Paula Abdul! Put those curtains back up in the trailer window were you found them!

Candice Bergan What the hell happened to her? The belt looks like she borrowed it from Elvis.

OMG Paris is that a tutu! has she been shopping with Bjork?

J Lo in her hideous plastic boots! she looks like an extra from Barbarella! Well at least the hat covers her grey hair!

Shame on you all!

Still it's nice to know even in these days of designer loan outs and stylists there's always a few celebs who still manage to look like crap!

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mo said...

all that money and still no taste's criminal!