Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brand Beckham Branches Out

Brand Beckham is on the march again!

Although seemingly unable to string anything like a coherent sentence together, both Thick and Thin are pushing their own books, presumably just in time to cash in for Christmas!

Who knew either of the Beckhams could even write?

Posh’s tome is “a celebration of her very individual style” So presumably is about how to throw up your lunch then dial a stylist to come and dress you?

David’s is about “soccer skills” So basically how to kick a ball I guess?

Somehow I don’t think either will be up for the Booker Prize but will probably shift enough copies to keep the dreary duo in Versace for a while.

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Camp david said...

He looks hot as ever but why is she emerging from a giant meringue!?

Lindee said...

Maybe she should eat that meringue. I miss Posh when she was with the Spice Girls and had meat on her bones. She was curvy and healthy back then.

Myles said...

But Lindee if she did eat the meringue she'd only be forced to throw it up again, after all she's got to watch out for "that extra half an inch"!

LucyShy said...

mmmmm, look at his eyes..

So, uh, does this book of his have pictures?