Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ryan Philippe

The I Definately Would Hunk Of The Month

Ever since we first saw him in 54 and Cruel Intentions Rank & Bile have always had a soft spot for the delectable Ryan and his boyish good looks.

It doesn’t hurt that Ryan has been hitting the gym lately, proving he’s not just a pretty face but a great body too! The new body is mainly for his new movie which casts him and last month’s hunk of the month Channing Tatum as soldiers! Now there’s a movie I can’t wait to see!

With a slew of recent grown up roles under his belt, not least, last years Oscar winner "crash". Ryan has also proved he can act as well, though to be honest who cares when he looks this good?!

Lucky old Reese Woodenspoon for managing to drag this little beauty down the aisle….bitch!

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Camp david said...

mmm him and Channing together now theres a thought!