Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Disneyfication Of Soho

Soho has always been, a slightly sordid and grubby oasis of sleaze, nestled amid the pompous gilt edged respectability of London’s West End. That’s how everyone fondly views it and have done for the last 50 + years.

Not if Westminster council get their way. They are determined to prevent it becoming “A yob plagued British Magaluf.” Councillors claim… “One of the City’s most vibrant areas is at risk of losing its character and being taken over by drunks and the dirty mac brigade”

Err I’m sorry I thought that was exactly the area’s character anyway!

The area’s residents are calling for crime, noise and urinating in the street to be addressed as well as the banning of strip clubs, prostitutes , chuggers soliciting charity donations and people holding signs advertising shops or sales.

Hmm in case you hadn’t noticed, Soho Residents, that’s what every borough of London’s inhabitants would like! And let’s face it if you are offended by prostitution, strip joints etc why the hell move to Soho?! Go get your self over to Pimlico or somewhere equally boring!

Presumably the residents and council won’t be happy until the whole of Soho is dominated by Starbucks and Weatherspoon Pubs.

With the disgraceful news of the famous Intrepid Fox Pub, being turned into flats and chain stores encroaching on Soho’s hallowed ground. Jeffrey Bernard wouldn’t just be un-well. He’d be turning in his grave if he could see the attempted sanitization of his beloved Soho.

It strikes me the problem with Soho isn’t the sleaze it’s the prudes who live there. If the Council really want to preserve its character move them out!

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Jonny R said...

lets all dress like hookers and pee in the street noisily to upset them!.....oh I forgot I do that every sat anyway!