Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whitney Finally Realises Bobby & Crack Are Whack

Looks like Whitney is back and going it alone. She obviously found her teeth and dragged her ass out of hiding, appearing with Aunt Dionne Warwick at "The Society of Singers Presents the 15th Annual Ella Award to Johnny Mathis" tribute. Looking a little tired but pretty good, it looked like she’s put on a few pounds. Hopefully that means she’s off the crack and it looks like that’s not all she’s ditching .

Yesterday Bobby Brown got served with divorce papers apparently. Whitney's publicist refused to give a reason for her client's action, however news of the split follows rumours Bobby has been spending a great deal of time with hip-hop star Karrine 'Supahead' Steffans.

Thank God! Now I may like nothing more than seeing a Diva on the skids but I really hope she’s gonna have the comeback she deserves. For a while back there it looked like she was on a one way trip to overdose city.

She’s already working on a new album and I for one can’t wait to see her back up where she belongs. Good for you Whitney we’re all rooting for you! Just don’t forget your own advice crack is whack!

P.S. Maybe it's time to get a new wig as well sweetie?

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Justin said...

Yay! Whitney! You go girl!