Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Katie Makes A Bid For Freedom

Poor old Katie Holmes her plan to escape Tom’s mansion in a daring airlift by helicopter, have been thwarted after the Star blew the whistle. How will she ever escape now?

Apparently one aborted escape, managed to get her out of the house long enough, to be over heard in an L.A. Hotel plotting a legal plan of attack . At last it looked like she might make a get- away from Tom.

Then we saw the latest pictures, too late! Obviously Tom and his Scientology pals got to her. Looks like Tom is reduced to drugging her now to keep her compliant.

Don’t take the drugs Katie! Hide them in the headboard à la Rosemary’s Baby!

Then Run!... Run as fast as you can!

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1 comment:

Justin said...

....and just like Rosemary's baby she has given birth to a monster/alien