Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Liza & David Gest Get Even Uglier

The extraordinarily bitter divorce battle between Liza Minnelli and David Gest, has sunk to a sordid new low. Gest is now accusing Liza of carrying a sexually transmitted disease.

In turn, the 60-year-old singer has claimed that her estranged husband tried to "poison" her with drugs.

Gest is claiming that Liza hid herpes infection, from him until after their marriage. Apparently if Liza with a Z really did have herpes before they got married, Gest can cite fraud in the case, thus rendering the couple's pre-nuptial agreement null and void.

Gest, will then sue Liza for £7 million!

However, Liza asserts that she was "living in fear" during the 14-month marriage, adding that plastic surgery freak, Gest was "trying to poison her with drugs."

The Diva confided in a number of people about her concerns, including the actress Mia Farrow and concert producer Ron Delsener.

Miss Minnelli's legal team, meanwhile, is arguing that it is Gest who violated the pre-nuptial agreement "by seeking to learn the circumstances of the infection that was disclosed to him during the relationship, after unprotected relations".

The case goes back to court at the end of this week and looks set to go on far longer than the bizarre marriage ever did!

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