Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nicole Richie's Denial Knows No Bounds

I promised myself no more Nicole Richie/Karen Carpenter posts this week but this news takes the biscuit.

Nicole has now reached a level of denial that is truly scary! After CNN wrongly reported that she had checked herself into re-hab to tackle her eating disorder, Little Miss stick insect issued the following statement on her official MySpace page:

"Contrary to CNN's false accusations, I did not check myself into an eating disorder rehab. I don't know why or how this rumour started, but I am home, in LA, and very happy. I do not have an eating disorder, and I don't know how many times I have to say it. I've repeated myself so many times, I feel like a broken record. Whoever started this rumour is evil and mean, but it's not true. I am happy, and healthy, and living my life."

Has she not seen herself lately! She is obviously beyond help!

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Lindee said...

Uh duh. She wonders where CNN picked up that rumor. Well, all she has to do is take a good look at herself. Paris may not be the best friend to any woman, but even Paris couldn't standby and be a friend to Nicole once Nicole started on the slippery slope of anorexia.
I hope you keep writing updates on Nicole Richie.

Clay Bethelbridge said...

She is too skinny I think. I feel bad for her. Give her a donut please