Friday, September 29, 2006

Liza with a Z - In Person

So it was off to The Vue Cinema inLeicester Square last night for a special screening of the newly remastered Liza with a Z ! The legendary Liza Minnelli concert directed by Bob Fosse, first shown on US television in 1972 and now available on DVD. The film received a rapturous reception and rightly so, it is Liza at her peak and is testament to her colossal talent.

The screening in aid of Crusaid was packed out and the highlight of the evening was the appearance of Liza herself! She introduced the film and then answered questions from an audience almost entirely consisting of delirious queens.

Not only was it great to see Liza up close and in the flesh she was looking pretty good for a woman of 60 held up by two new hips. She was also lucid and far saner than recent reports would have us believe.

Many of the questions verged on the reverential and Rank & Bile resisted the urge to ask about recent rumours about herpes and alcoholism (If slimeball ex husband David Gest is to be believed!) though she was forced to turn down a proposal of marriage, guess there must be limit to the number of gay men even Liza can marry!

Best of all was the news that Liza is planning to do a concert over here next year. She may be an old ham but Rank & Bile will be first in line for tickets!

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Phil said...

I was at this showing as well! Wasn,t she fantastic and I agree she looked great.

scott hawley said...

The old girl can still move.
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