Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lindsay Lohan Loves Notting Hill - There Goes The Neighborhood

Be afraid be very afraid. Lindsay Lohan is planning to move to London!

She has been house hunting in Notting Hill (well there goes that neighborhood!) Ho-han is quoted in The Daily Mail as saying “I just love Notting Hill it has some really cool shops and great restaurants, I’ve been looking at some properties while I’ve been here and we’re hoping to buy something soon. I can see me and Harry [Morton, her boyfriend] really fitting in there.”

Hmm well I’m not sure about fitting in here given that she was rushed to hospital twice this weekend, with a fractured wrist, this is the 5th time this year she's been rushed to hospital!

She might bear in mind waiting queues in London hospitals for accident and emergency rooms (ER to those of you over the pond) are about 5 hours minimum!

She might also like to bear in mind if she keeps flashing her gusset to all and sundry, we actually have a law against that kind of thing!

Not that I’m trying to put her off…….honest!

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Mary jane said...

5 hours! And the rest more like 10 hours.....Stay away lindsay, its for your own good!

ahmed said...

Oooh What's that sound? It's the sound of property prices crashing in Notting Hill!