Monday, September 18, 2006

Simply Barbra - Simply Marvellous

This weekend Lulu and I were lucky enough to catch the wonderful Steven Brinberg at Soho’s Too 2 Much. For those of you haven’t caught Steven’s show Simply Barbra, I urge you to book while you can.

Steven is the foremost Barbra impersonator and his affectionate take on La Streisand is uncannily accurate, in fact close your eyes and it’s Babs herself. Even Marvin Hamlisch and Streisand herself are fans!

Lulu and I have been lucky enough to see the show four times over the years and there are always new songs and bits of business to see each time.

So if you don’t fancy having to rob a bank to buy tickets for the real Streisand at only £17.50, Simply Barbra is a far more reasonable alternative and much more fun.

Simply Barbra is at too 2 Much Thurs Fri and Sat this week. Check the website to book.

Too 2 Much Website
Simply Barbra Website

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